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As most of you know, I bring my son Teggan home from LifeScape in Sioux Falls a couple weekends a month. He is my boy and I miss him just as he misses us. I will not just leave him there all month long as I am sure you would not. Travel is expensive when you drive back and forth as much as we do. The Trevor's Legacy Foundation has given us a donation for travel expenses and I am forever grateful for it. They are there for Teggan throughout his journey to becoming all he can be. What an amazing person Trevor was and he is smiling down at his family for carrying on his dream of helping children. Thank you to Trevor in heaven and thank you to his family. I am very overwhelmed by your kindness.- Kassie Kukal- Kadoka, SD

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"...because every child deserves a chance."

Meet our recipients

Trevor's Legacy Foundation

TLF is such an amazing organization.  It stepped in and helped us not only financially during a hard time but also emotionally.  Roxanne and the whole family are such genuine people and I have loved getting to know them.  They truly are wanting to help others going through a hard time. I am so grateful to them for all they have done for our family. - Tanya Peterson- Philip, SD

The last couple days have been filled with blessings! Our family would like to extend our deepest gratitude to Roxanne Vogelgesang and Trevor's Legacy Foundation for your wonderful blessing and support through everything we have been through. You all are truly amazing! We would also like to specially thank Carrie Loibl and The Warm Hearts Club for James' awesome new dinosaur blankie! He loves it already! These last several months have been filled with some of the hardest times of our lives and some of the most joyous times as well. God has definitely put some amazingly wonderful people in our lives during this journey. We see the power of prayer in our lives everyday! My heart is full. 

- Corrie Ivy- Kadoka, SD

Our youngest daughter Syerra Marie was suffering from pain and fevers that concerned us greatly.  We sought medical help from doctors and specialists in Nebraska and South Dakota, but her symptoms did not respond to treatments prescribed. On May 24th 2016 our lives were changed forever. After our first medical flight to Children's Hospital in Omaha, NE, a diagnosis of Pre-B Cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia was confirmed.  Syerra was inpatient for thirty days. Her treatment included several blood and platelet transfusions, needle sticks, and a few surgeries.  On day thirty-one she was able come home. We continue to travel the six-hundred-mile roundtrip for weekly and monthly appointments. The financial need is tremendous. Saving a life can be more than overwhelming. On March 12th 2017 Trevor's Legacy Foundation provided financial support and love . My brother, Kiel, introduced me to Roxanne, Jay, and TLF.  Roxanne and Jay have been family friends for a while, but the last two years Roxanne and I have become extremely close.  Her love and support are beautiful and she has become the sister I never had. TLF has generously stepped in and taken care of us from the first moment we met. TLF is ALWAYS there for us when we need it most.  Syerra’s compromised immune system continues to be part of her daily battle. Medical flights to Omaha and week-long hospital says bear witness to her strength. When Syerra Marie is feeling well she is the happiest, bubbliest lil’ Sis in our world. Extended family has become our most cherished support system as we continue treatments in Omaha with an end in sight. We are extremely blessed to call Trevor’s Legacy Foundation family. - Kasey Dawson- Martin, SD