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​​​​This true story will tell the sad reality of drinking & driving and the passion behind our mission:
August 29th, 2015 was the worst day of my life. It was the day my sweet boy, Trevor “Georgey”, was taken from me. His young life was tragically ended, on his way to work, due to a careless drunk driver. My son worked at Subway in Kadoka. He loved and excelled in his job and his supervisors and colleagues enjoyed him just as much. They have made this very clear to me with their many stories. I was honored to learn they also have his picture hanging in the restaurant and they wear memorial pins on their visors. He is a great loss to so many in our community. I am diabetic and most days after he finished work, my son would bring me my favorite veggie w/extra green peppers, salad (and I was told if they didn’t make it right, he would make them redo it until it was). My Georgey is the one who proudly walked me down the aisle and gave me away the day of my wedding. I have never seen my son smile as much and as big as he did that day. It was the proudest moment of his life. My son was my heart, my strength, my silly and my look forward to in a day. Without him, I am struggling to find those again. We had a bond that was indescribable. For reasons I am yet to understand, my son was incredibly proud of me. He wasn’t afraid to make that clear to anyone at anytime…even in front of his buddies. He would go with me sometimes during chores and make funny comments like “geez mom, you know you are a girl right” or “dude, you’re a beast!” And my favorite…”mom, you’re so tough, you’re my mom and my dad!” We laughed a lot…he was my silly, I miss that. Life just doesn’t have the same “happy” it once had. Trevor was also a loving and incredibly protective brother. He would drive the kids to school and afterwards, pick them up at their classrooms, asking each how their day went. As his school superintendent stated at the funeral, “seeing him with his siblings was like watching a young father with his children”. Trevor taught them so many things. He would spend hours with Connor, teaching the basics of basketball or working on keeping your eye on the ball for baseball. He would play dolls with Katelyn and spend afternoons coloring with her if that is what she desired. As long as they were smiling, Trevor was smiling too. Even though they would have their usual sibling tussles from time to time, there is nothing Trevor wouldn’t do for his brother and sisters. Trevor’s huge heart and life touched so many and I want nothing less in his death. Trevor couldn’t bear to see anyone hurting and he would immediately try to bring comfort in any small way he could (which I am finding out now, has left a huge impact in so many lives). It is my passion and mission in life to carry on his legacy… and in his name, help improve the quality of life for as many people as I possibly can. I am going to put every effort of my being into making Trevor’s Legacy Foundation a success. Since losing my son, my faith has been shaken greatly. I felt like only a shell of me was left to roam the earth…and I have been feeling quite lost. Since the vision of this Foundation, for the first time since losing my son, I have real hope again and it has renewed my faith in our purpose on this earth. I am certain, now more than ever, this is what my Trevor was put on this earth for, to leave this legacy and help others in need. Trevor had a few great passions in life that stood above the rest…basketball, helping children, and his mama. It is my hope we can combine those three and do some great things for others. It is the mission of our Foundation to provide assistance financially or otherwise to children in our surrounding communities, who are facing substantial expenses due to a serious illness or accident. Awareness to the dangers of drinking and driving is also another important aspect of our foundation. It is my hope that we can bring a realization to the choice of drinking and then getting behind the wheel. It is also my hope to hold our main event as a reminder of why we are all here. I cannot imagine a better way to honor him on that tragic day then to carry on his legacy, help others, and focus on prevention, as I know Trevor wouldn’t want any other families to suffer as his has.
Roxanne Vogelgesang

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